Love Our Cities Leaders

Love Our Cities helps coordinate churches (and everyone) to make a difference in their own communities, learning from each other and working shoulder-to-shoulder … but zip codes apart. Thank you for helping us in Manteca love our city, so that Jesus would be known.

Jim Todd

Love Manteca

I’m very impressed with “Love Our Cities”. It is well thought out and organized. It’s simple goal of meeting needs and impacting lives by “doing and loving” is what makes this an amazing movement that everyone should be a part of.

Monique Erisman

Love Waterford

We love Love Our Cities because it provides an outstanding opportunity to put the truth about Jesus into action. We have witnessed how God uses Love Our Cities to renew perspective, ignite passion and train servant leaders within a diverse community of people engaged in an exciting opportunity focused on God’s heartfelt purpose.

Kent Roberts

Love Oakdale

As a new leader for Love Lodi in 2015 having the support and structure from Love Our Cities made all the difference for us. Love Lodi 2015 turned out to be a huge success in serving the needs of our city and in bringing people, especially churches, together under the common goal of love.  Love Our Cities helped give us the foundation we needed and we look forward to many more years of working together.

Glen Barnes

Love Lodi

In our ministry we were always focused on making a difference in our small town. Love Our Cities provided an excellent structure for doing it. They provide the website, online sign-up for volunteers, logo, and a model for doing community projects. Love Our Cities has expanded the impact of our church in community development, networking, and relational evangelism.

Zeke Nelson

Love Delhi

Love Our Cities has helped provide direction for cities such as Ceres to reach out and demonstrate compassion and create a Community bond. Love can be infectious, and when acts of kindness are given with nothing expected in return, everyone receives the blessing.

Bryan and Becki Nicholes

Love Ceres

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State and Local Leaders

It has been inspiring to see the outpouring of volunteerism spread throughout our city. Love Modesto brings together thousands of people to serve our community in practical ways. As a state assembly member and a resident of Modesto, I am grateful to everyone who has given their time, energy, and resources to truly minister to and Love Modesto.

Kristen Olsen

Former California State Assembly Member

Love Fullerton brings together members of our community from all walks of life. Whether we represent businesses, churches, non-profits, or any other group, Love Fullerton is a collaborative effort that serves as a catalyst to spread kindness, meet the needs of our neighbors, and touch lives each and every day. Thank you for making a difference!

Young Kim

California State Assembly Member

Love Ceres is a tremendous event that brings the community together and unites us in a common goal – the beautification of our city. The community involvement and outstanding participation is a testimony to how the citizens care about this community. I am truly thankful for all the volunteers that have donated time and hard work.

Chris Vierra

Mayor of Ceres, CA

Love Modesto is the essence of ‘love thy neighbor’ – I say thank you to all the citizens that turned out to help make Modesto a better place to live.” Modesto a better place to live.

Garrad Marsh

Former Mayor of Modesto, CA

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