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2 Fundraising Lessons to help Acquire Donors

So you have started some element of a City Transformation Movement! Congrats!

Now you need to figure out how to fund it!


Fundraising for City Movements can be a tricky adventure. The reality is, especially when starting out, a leader can spend a significant amount of time fundraising throughout the year, which can be demoralizing for someone who “just wanted to do more ministry!” Yet, with the right mindset, fundraising can help build momentum, increase participation from the community, as well as finance your operations.

I believe most fundraising fails because leaders either are poor at communicating their purpose, or their vision and plan to achieve their purpose is not very compelling. Conversely, most successful fundraisers can clearly articulate a vision that inspires others and can provide a roadmap on why they have been successful to date and how they will continue to be successful in the future.

Most of us believe we have a clear vision for what our ministry does, but the proof is in being able to articulate that purpose clearly and concisely to others. A few years ago a friend and I attempted to raise capital from Venture Capitalists for a project. While we thought we had a great idea that would change the world, when attempting to communicate that vision in front of others, we quickly realized there were major gaps in our communication and strategy that had to be addressed before someone could quickly understand what we were trying to accomplish.

Here are two lessons we’ve learned at Love Our Cities that have helped us acquire donors.