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The Importance of Multiple Fundraising Channels

On July 26th, 1956, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser gave a speech declaring that the Suez Canal was being nationalized. At the same moment, Egyptian forces raided and took control of the important trade route.

While in many ways it was disastrous for the British politically, one of the biggest blows was what it meant for them economically. At that time, ⅔ of England’s oil was being imported via the canal. With the canal now closed to their ships, their oil dependent country was suddenly brought to its knees.

When we talk about revenue streams for City Movements, it’s often attractive to want to rely on one revenue stream. The inherent risk though is if your one stream suddenly disappears overnight, your organization could be like the British and be on the brink of crises. While multiple revenue streams can take more effort, the diversity provides stability. With multiple streams, a major fluctuation in one stream becomes painful, but rarely detrimental.

At Love Our Cities (and as an extension, our local city movement "Love Modesto”), we have six defined revenue streams. Three of these revenue streams account for 80% of our overall revenue: Events, Church Partners, and Golf Tournament.

Event Sponsors

Many city leaders see the word event and want to hide in a cave. The idea of putting on an event seems overwhelming. For us, it’s uniquely woven into our DNA.

Our Love Modesto city wide volunteer day is the backbone of our organization. It is a day when the entire community is invited to volunteer on projects all over our city. Last year, in Modesto alone, we had over 7,000 participants spanning 110 projects, including a morning rally prior to the day that drew over 4,000 people. In 2017, our city partners hosted 20,000 volunteers across 40+ cities.

The event provides various sponsorship opportunities (you can see our breakdown of sponsor levels here) from all sectors in the city. Businesses, churches, and nonp