Adopt Your Neighborhood Bus Stop

What is better than having an idea that you make a reality? How about when the reality works! Some months ago as my husband and I were on a weekly clean-up walk, I despaired over all the cigarette butts littering the neighborhood bus stop. We do not pick up dead butts for almost the same reason we leave dog feces on the ground. As we discussed the problem an idea was born.

My husband went to our local OSH store and purchased a large paint bucket. I cut vinyl lettering on my Cricut Explore along with two garbage can shapes. I applied the vinyl to the bucket and smiled. My idea was taking shape. We then got a bucket of sand from a generous friend and some small stones from the yard for weight. We got two pair of vinyl gloves, hand trowels, a garden rake and a trash bag. Then we loaded the wagon.

We walked over to the bus stop and the work began. We picked up the trash, raked up the abundant cigarette butts and generally cleaned up the area. We set the bucket in place, dumped in the stones and troweled in the sand. Finally, I put one ‘starter butt’ into the sand and, viola, my idea was reality.

Today we took a short clean-up walk to check on our giant ashtray. I have seen it from the street as I drive by and felt happy with a job well done, but had not seen it up close since we finished our work. As we approached the bus stop, I was apprehensive, was anyone going to use this ‘butt can’? Reality works! There were butts in the can and no trash at all around the bus bench and waiting area!

Yes, idea to reality to ‘it works’ is a wonderful trip when you LOVE YOUR CITY!

If you Love Your City, how about adopting your neighborhood bus stop by keeping it clean and maybe maintaining a “BUTT CAN” for a cleaner site? You’ll be glad you did!