Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your City

1) You live in such a great city! From your parks, schools, neighborhoods, congregations, service clubs, businesses, non-profit organizations, families, friends and so many other reasons why you have a great place to live. As great of a city as you have though, you can still make it even better!

2) Your city has challenges like any other city, but let's not just complain about them or just talk about ideas on how to solve them ... together let's do something about our challenges!

3) We have made it so easy for you to help make our city better! There are over many different projects to choose from whether beautifying one of our schools or parks, delivering a carnation to those at a retirement home, deliver groceries to someone in need, etc. etc. It does not matter how old or young you are, abled or disabled, there is something for everyone to make a make a difference!

Go to, choose your city and start loving on your city today!

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