Redefining Our City's Narrative

No matter what city one lives in there are:

1) Approximately 10% of the people there who love their city and contribute positively towards it. Think of all the great people you know who are like this in your city.

2) Approximately 10% of the people who dislike their city and find about everything they can to tear it down. Sadly, we all know people like this, don't we? Rather than being a part of the solution, these people love to complain and put their city down.

3) Approximately 80% of the people are more or less indifferent towards their city. These people are busy making a living, staying safe, involved in kids activities, leisure activities, etc.

These 80% of people are the real opportunity before us. Imagine a city where the majority of people are appreciating the qualities of their city and getting involved to improve their neighborhood, schools and community as a whole. Show me a city growing into more and more like this and I'll show you a city where where they are redefining their city's narrative!

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