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Love Our Cities may be the single-best way to launch and catalyze an ongoing movement of city transformation. People don’t serve twice until they serve once and Love Our Cities provides a fun, taster event that often unlocks a person’s desire for deeper and continuous engagement in meeting the needs and realizing the dreams of their city throughout the year. Love is a verb and no one makes that a reality better than Love Our Cities.

Eric Swanson

Senior Fellow, Leadership Network

Co-author of The Externally Focus Church, To Transform a City and others

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Setting a large object in motion takes a concerted push. Once in motion, steady and persistent activity can keep it going indefinitely, City movements that bring spiritual and social flourishing are exactly the same. Flourishing begins with action that produces positive results - that brings love to those in the city. Love Our Cities is the propellant that cities  need to begin a movement  that will result in hope. Love Our Cities will rally those who desire to serve, cause great impact to be experienced, and accelerate 365 day missional unity movement that will transform where you live. This is the push you need.

Jim Liske

Executive Director, Movement.org USA

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Love Our Cities is one of the most needed ministries in our country. They offer expertise and executable plans for multiplying and mobilizing volunteers in community service. Just as important, leaders are developed through a peer-to-peer forum with city leaders from across the nation. United service is the key as we seek to heal and strengthen cities and communities.

Glenn Barth

President, GoodCities

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In Jeremiah 29:7 God commands his people to ‘seek the peace & prosperity of the city’, and ties our welfare to that of our cities. This vital Kingdom work is more needed than ever, given the deep divisions in our nation. Love Our Cities does an outstanding job uniting the Church across racial & denominational lines, helping  us love and serve our neighbors in effective ways that break down barriers that hinder our Gospel witness. I’m grateful for their work.

Kevin Palau

President, Luis Palau Association & City Gospel Movements

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Every community has interest in serving, the challenge is harnessing that interest. Love Our Cities delivers a turnkey pathway that mobilizes the latent interest to serve that exists in every community. It’s like the Quick Start Guide for collaborative impact. Careful though, with all that interest turned to action, you just might have a city movement on your hands!

Dave Bushnell

US Field Team Director, Global Leadership Network